Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answers

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
Absolutely! I have experience customizing menus for paleo, gluten free, low sodium, diabetic, and many other special diets.

How long will the meals last me?
Most clients use my service every 4-6 weeks but I can accommodate however often works for you, whether that be every 2 weeks or only a couple times a year. For a typical 20-meal service for two people, the meals may last 4-6 weeks depending on how often you are eating the meals. For a single person, the 20 meals might last you 6-8 weeks if you also plan on eating out for some meals.

What do the portion sizes look like?
A typical portion is about the size of a restaurant sized meal, so most of my clients find that they have leftovers to have for another meal or lunch.

How do you know what kind of food I like?
The first thing we do is fill out a food questionnaire. Using that, I will create a customized menu, which I then email you for your approval.

Do you offer organic food? Yes, I can purchase organic ingredients of your choosing for your meals at an additional cost to you.

I have favorite recipes I want you to make, can you do that?
Yes, just be aware that not every dish can be frozen but special meal requests may be left in the fridge for you to eat within the first couple days.

How do I pay you?
A personal check or cash left on the counter the day of service.

Can I pick my own meals or will you always pick them for me?
Yes, you can pick your own meals and I will provide a list for you to choose from based on your preferences you gave me.